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Odyssey Application Process

Odyssey is a public school of choice within the Bainbridge Island School District. Odyssey offers students a multiage, personalized, non-traditional learning environment where students have a voice. This is a different learning environment than the other district schools with additional parent involvement.  Odyssey may not be the right fit for all students due to the level of small groups, independent work and project-based learning. 

Enrollment is based on a lottery application process each year. Due to class size and the multiage program, space is limited. Our class sizes are consistent with Bainbridge Island School District class averages. These students are then divided into the multiage 1/2 clusters, the 3/4 clusters, 5/6 clusters and 7/8 clusters. Kindergarten class size is set at 20 students or less. To ensure that spaces are allotted in a fair manner, Odyssey K-8 employs a lottery system for enrollment and siblings have enrollment priority. 

Odyssey K-8 is centrally located in the Commodore Options building, but K-6 bus service is only available to students living in the Ordway Elementary boundary. Odyssey 7/8 students can access bus transportation with the 9-12 students, which supports all Bainbridge school zones. 



  1. Odyssey applications are due by early March each year.
  2. The lottery is completed by late March with building and district administration. (A random lottery for each grade level.) Odyssey 5th-8th final class lists will be shared in late August due to new enrollments, classroom balancing, and summer changes.
  3. Siblings of current Odyssey students have priority enrollment if space is available in their grade level.
  4. We keep applications on file for the current year if space becomes available due to enrollment changes.
  5. If a student has an IEP, we have a location of service meeting with the special education team to determine if Odyssey can best support the student's IEP goals and needs.
  6. Odyssey Kindergarten students are self-contained and throughout the year they are introduced to the ½ classrooms and have Big Buddies for reading and recess support.
  7. The K-2 teachers meet in May to discuss class placement for rising 1st graders. They base their recommendations on sibling priorities, multiage class balance, and learning styles. Kindergarten parents complete a survey to share feedback about their child's learning and behavior needs for the staff to consider.
  8. Each spring, the Odyssey staff hosts Orientations for new families and students to welcome them and share more about the program and community agreements
  9. Odyssey PTO is an active and supportive group of parents who connect with new families and provide opportunities for communication, volunteering, and family social events.


Internal clarifications: 

  1. Exit meetings when families leave or transition to another program/school. Meeting with the Principal and encouraged with classroom teachers prior to exiting to support a positive transition.
  2. Siblings may choose to be in different clusters; or parents may request it if space is available.
  3. Teachers/staff go by first names.
  4. Volunteering is an essential support for the program and the classroom, including enrichment activities.
  5. Outdoor ed experiences K-8 with parent support to build community
  6. Positive discipline and Character Strong lessons & instructional strategies through class meetings support the Odyssey philosophy of student voice, choice and learning partnerships.
  7. Monthly Parent meetings are essential to build community, support family engagement, and encourage collaborative communication.
  8. COS Staff children may apply to Odyssey as well, be part of the lottery, and if space is available, after the lottery, a position can be offered.
  9. Island residents get priority enrollment. Only if space is available, waitlist exhausted, off island residents will be considered. (mostly in Odyssey½).
  10. Class placement requests or teacher change requests are considered but will occur only when space allows, or there is a sibling request, or by principal discretion. (We are a K-8 community and support all of our student needs, and all of our teachers are a collaborative team.)

***Math Placement or advancement is based on student data, Fastbridge screening, SBA results, teacher and parent recommendation, and available space in the advanced classroom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are a school of choice, and we believe that there is not one model of school that meets all student learning styles.  Families select our programs because they flourish in the small schools’ model of learning.  Odyssey is an active parent involved community based on a multiage classroom model. Students will work in small groups, develop independent academic skills, and enjoy the flexibility of a multiage classroom. 

  • Applicants that are non-resident may apply but acceptance is subject to consideration such as educational history and space availability and applicants must complete the Choice Transfer Form. Priority is given to in-district applicants. 

  • Choice schools are open to all students.  As a public school within Bainbridge Island School District, Odyssey does not discriminate against students based on race, creed, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation including gender expression or identity, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a student with a disability.

    Choice schools will ask parents/students if a student has an IEP. The IEP describes the services that are needed to support the student.  Not all services are available at all schools within the Bainbridge Island School District. The IEP team, which includes the parents, will make any location or change of service decisions.  All decisions are made in accordance with federal and state laws, and district procedures.

  • Parent volunteering and involvement, both inside and outside the classroom, is an integral part of the Odyssey Community and contributes to the exceptional quality of our program. We ask that parents attend monthly parent meetings and volunteer 10 hours (5 hours for single parent) per month. Supporting our students and teachers is a primary role you will play as an Odyssey parent and there are many opportunities to be involved in program activities, policy-making, and financial support.